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Pressed Recipe

Number stamp with matching cutter (Available as individuals or full set)

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Stamp comes with matching cutter

Stamp is made from 6mm thick, frosted, premium acrylics

Cutter is made from food grade 3d filaments


Number 1: 8cm(h) x 6.6cm(w)

Number 2: 8cm(h) x 7.3cm(w)

Number 3: 8cm(h) x 8.2cm(w)

Number 4: 8cm(h) x 7.5cm(w)

Number 5: 8cm(h) x 7cm(w)

Number 6: 8cm(h) x 6.4cm(w)

Number 7: 7.5cm(h) x 8.8cm(w)

Number 8: 8.2cm(h) x 8.2cm(w)

Number 9: 7.8cm(h) x 7.6cm(w)

Number 10: 7.7cm(h) x 8.4cm(w)

Number 16: 7.6cm(h) x 8.4cm(w)

Number 18: 8.3cm(h) x 9.5cm(w)

Number 21: 8.5cm(h) x 8.5cm(w)

Number 30: 8.5cm(h) x 8.5cm(w)

Number 40: 8.5cm(h) x 8.4cm(w)

Number 50: 8.5cm(h) x 8.3cm(w)

Number 60: 8.2cm(h) x 8.5cm(w)

Number 70: 7.5cm(h) x 9cm(w)

Number 80: 8.3cm(h) x 9.5cm(w)

Full set (1-10) photo by @cookieskitchenco

*Other stamps and cutters are not included and can be purchased separately