Why are we called Pressed Recipe?

The name came from the idea of creating a beautiful fondant cookie by simply pressing a cookie stamp onto your fondant, yup just that simple!

We think of our products as recipes to make your sugar cookies more fun and our huge collection will make sure there is sugar for everyone!


What are the differences between Stamp and Impression Stamp?

Stamp gives a nicely raised image after being pressed or rolled with a rolling pin. Using a cutter that is slightly smaller than the stamp will avoid rim marks on the fondant. Our main stamp collection are set on 6mm thick, 7.5cm squares.

Impression Stamp gives you an impression (imprint) when you press it onto your fondants. You can use any cutters of your choice, as long as it covers the design on the stamp.


What materials do you use for your products?

Our stamps are made from premium PERSPEX acrylic which is safe in contact with food. We use food grade, biodegradable filaments for our impression stamps and cutters. 


How do I clean my stamps and cutters?

Our stamps are made from premium acrylic, means it can endure warm/hot water and will not deform. We advice to rinse your acrylic stamps under warm + soapy water until the icing melts, do not rub or scrub to keep your stamps intact.

Our impression stamps and cutters are made from filaments which can not endure hot water, we advice to handwash with lukewarm + soapy water, not dishwashers safe.


What fondant brands do you recommend for using with your Stamps?

We have tested on a few brands that are accessible from local supermarkets, we highly recommend "Queen (Dr.Oetker) - ready to roll icing", which has a silky white colour and does not stick to our stamps. If your fondant tends to be sticky (different brands) or heavily coloured, we recommend using cornflour or icing sugar to avoid sticking.


Any tips for sharp, clean edged cookies that you have?

We recommend the sugar cookie recipe from Preppy kitchen (they have a tutorial video that you can watch too), the tip we learn is to add some corn flour to the batch!


Are your packaging environmentally sustainable?

All parcels come protected in cardboard boxes to ensure your orders arrive safely and can be easily reused or recycled at home!

We use 100% biodegradable void fill to ensure your products are protected. It is made from natural starch. Once water is applied, it quickly breaks down.

Our stamps are singly packed in cello bags that can be recycled through Redcycle program, visit www.redcycle.net.au for drop-off locations.