About us


Hi there, we're Twee and David, the wife + husband duo behind Pressed Recipe!

Back in January 2020 we were finding more hobbies to try out, that's when we came across a gorgeous fondant cookie. The beautiful design was created by a 3D printer, which blew our minds!

We spent more time creating our own designs at home and purchased a 3D printer to make the creations a reality. The more time we spent learning the ins and outs of 3D printing, the more we realised other exciting ways to design and fabricate the stamps. This led to us investing in different machines to enable higher quality products.

As our capabilities grew, we decided to grow our little hobby into a business where we can share our passion with everyone in the baking industry. We strive to bring to the market some of the best quality, unique and exciting designs.

Both of us come from engineering and designing background. David has years of experience working as a mechanical/structural engineer, and Twee who has illustrating + designing skills with various designing programs. 

We adopt new skills and experience as we go, what remain the same is our joy in creating and also simply having fun on our journey. We hope our story can inspire you and thank you for letting us be a part of your baking journey!

Twee and David xo